MultiPuzzle Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

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15 Min Mental Workout = 30 Min Energy Burn!

🐾 Tire Out Excess Energy

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Upgraded dog puzzle toy with advanced features! The base plate now includes a turntable and extra card slots for more play options. Use it with a spinning bottle or as a standalone feeder. Stimulate your pup’s mind and instincts with endless fun!

Main features:

  • One Toy, Two Ways to Play
  • 3 adjustable height settings
  • Heavy duty tipless base design
  • Toy rack & base plate made of 100% durable bamboo
  • 3 bottles made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic approved for food use

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multi puzzle play toy
Engage and challenge your pup's mind

Best Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle Toys

Boost your dog's intelligence with our IQ treat puzzle toy! Teach your dog to spin the bottle with his paw so that the food falls through the different-sized holes in the cap and onto the base.

They can retrieve the food by sniffing. This engaging toy improves mental stimulation and enhances your pet's IQ.

Perfect for all dogs

Adjustable Height Entertainment Toy

This enrichment dog toy with three different height options, this toy caters to dogs of all sizes - from small pups to large breeds.

Not only can you customize the height to challenge your pet's agility, but it also adds an element of excitement and mental stimulation to their playtime.

mentally stimulating dog toys
dog treat toy
Made of natural bamboo

Sturdy and Safe Food Puzzle Toy

The base is thickened for added durability, unlike the H-shaped design. It has a stronger load-bearing capacity and is less likely to tip over.

We've also added anti-slip stickers to prevent sliding. Made from non-toxic bamboo, it prioritizes your dog's health and safety. 

Your Dog Will Thank You!

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How should I clean my bamboo-made dog toy?

Washing bamboo dog toys is really easy - just use some warm water and a little bit of mild soap or a pet-friendly cleaner. Don't use anything too harsh that might damage the bamboo. Give the toys a good scrub with a damp cloth or sponge to get them nice and clean, then rinse them off really well to get all the soap out.

It's important to let the toys air dry completely before giving them back to your pup. Don't put them in the dishwasher or let them sit soaked in water - that can make the bamboo warp and get weaker over time.

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20 reviews for MultiPuzzle Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

  1. G. Grose

    This is a very well made product! You are able to size it up or down depending upon your dogs size. Our little dog love this puzzle game. She is very good at food puzzles and this one gave her a challenge. One of our feeder bottles came cracked. We emailed the company direct. They were very easy to work with and sent out a replacement quickly! We were very impressed with their prompt service. We highly recommend this product! You and your dog will love it!

  2. Ashley White

    I appreciate the craftsmanship of this toy, it’s clear that a lot of care went into making it.

  3. Samantha Anderson

    He figured it out within about an hour, and goes nuts when we put it up (he throws tantrums to have it back lol). Solid entertainment for him!We have to put it up as he likes to chew on the wooden frame when the puzzle runs out of treats/food. That isn’t the puzzles fault, that’s him being greedy.He is obsessed, excellent product!

  4. Megan Clark

    The dog toy is a hit with my furry friend. Keeps him entertained and engaged.

  5. Lauren Taylor

    Sturdy construction and good design, a great purchase for any dog owner.

  6. Douglas M.

    Initially for the first couple days our dog wouldn’t touch it. We started with the tops open with treats in them and attempted to show her how it worked. Gradually she picked it up on her own without any trouble and we placed the tops back on for her. Great product!

  7. Rachel Turner

    My dog loves the challenge of figuring out how to get the treats from this toy. Hours of fun!

  8. Amanda Cooper

    Well worth the investment, this toy has provided endless entertainment for my dog.

  9. Danielle Hill

    Highly recommend this toy for any dog owner looking for a fun and engaging puzzle toy.

  10. Sarah Smith

    My dog enjoys these bamboo toys, but I wish there were more variety in shapes and sizes.

  11. Kym Farmer

    Despite the wood having pre drilled holes, I actually ended up breaking a screw trying to build it. Use an electric drill to build, not a screwdriver. Other than that it works fine. Be patient while your dog figures it out tho.

  12. Jessica Smith

    The bamboo dog puzzle toy is amazing! My dog loves playing with it for an hour.

  13. Jessica Williams

    The best interactive toys for dogs. Not only fun, but also beneficial for their mental stimulation!

  14. Nicole Martinez

    I love that this toy is eco-friendly and safe for my dog to play with.

  15. Emily Johnson

    Decent quality and concept, but some toys seemed too simple for my dog’s intelligence.

  16. Emily Johnson

    Great quality and durability, my dog hasn’t been able to destroy it yet!

  17. Samantha Brown

    My dog is obsessed with this toy, it’s his new favorite!

  18. Megan Taylor

    These bamboo puzzle toys keep my pup entertained for hour. Highly recommended for playful dogs!

  19. Sarah Anderson

    This toy is perfect for keeping my pup entertained. Highly recommend!

  20. Ashley Brown

    My dog absolutely loves these bamboo puzzle toys! They are durable and eco-friendly.

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