Cherish Your Pets Forever And Keep

Them Healthy And Happy!


Cherish your dogs forever and keep them healthy and happy!

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55,000+ Dogs Love The Loobani
and yours will too!

55,000+ Dogs Love The Loobani and yours will too!

Best Seller


Classic Series For Paws

Invest in our Puzzle Toy for a healthier, happier, and more engaged dog!

3-Bottle Dog Puzzle Toy


Double-Layer Spin Treat Maze

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $49.99.

Slide and Treat Puzzle Feeder


MultiPuzzle Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

Original price was: $87.48.Current price is: $69.99.

Not Your Average Dog Brands


100% Recyclable

We care about you and the planet. All packaging you receive with your order is 100% recyclable.

dogs first

Dogs First, Always

We see dogs as family and proudly back U.S. groups ensuring every dog receives proper enrichment.

always design driven

Always Design-Driven

We aim to design our dog toys that fit your home's aesthetic and also serve a real purpose.

made of bamboo

Made of Bamboo

We select fast-growing bamboo to create stylish, eco-friendly toys for planet sustainability.


Best Enrichment Dog Toy

Made of Bamboo

All our interactive dog puzzle toys are crafted from natural bamboo for the ultimate playtime experience.

Enriching Canine Lives

Our primary goal is to provide dogs with the best indoor enrichment experiences, offering stimulating outlets at home.

Veterinarian Approved

Engaging your dog in just 15 minutes of brain games will exhaust them more than a 30-minute game of fetch.

More Levels, More Fun

Too difficult a toy? Dogs might just chew rather than engage. So we've designed 4 difficulty levels for the perfect play.

New Arrival


Sustainable Dog Toys

Bring the fun indoors this winter with interactive treat-dispensing and downright enjoyable toys that your pup won't resist.

Bamboo Dog Treat Ball Dispenser


Twirl-n-Treat Eco-Friendly Dog Toy


Rolling Bottle Dog Treat Toy


Eco-Friendly Dog Treat Toys

Level 1

Easy Level

For the newbies, puppies, or if you're just testing the waters. Also great as a slow feeder.

Level 2

Intermediate Level

Suitable for all dogs, regardless of size, age, or experience. The go-to level for a fun and engaging challenge.

Level 3

Advanced Level

Step up the game once your dog has mastered Level 2. A rewarding challenge for those looking to push their skills further.

Level 4

Advanced Level

Designed for the true canine puzzle masters out there. Prepare to be impressed and enjoy the ultimate brain teaser.

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