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MultiPuzzle Dog Treat Dispensing Toy Original price was: $87.48.Current price is: $69.99.

Rolling Bottle Dog Treat Toy


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15 Min Mental Workout = 30 Min Energy Burn!

🐾 Tire Out Excess Energy

🎉 Engage, Entertain, Enrich

Unleash the Fun Indoors! Our treat dispenser keeps pups engaged, battling boredom and easing storm-time jitters. Whether it’s rain, sizzle, or snow outside, this toy turns restless energy into satisfied play. Your all-weather, anxiety-busting solution!

Key Features:

  • One Toy, Two Ways to Play
  • Large 11+ cup food capacity
  • 3 adjustable height settings
  • Heavy-duty no-tip base design
  • Toy stand made of durable bamboo
  • Bottle made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic approved for food

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dog food puzzle toy 11cup
Achieve harmony in your dog's life

Why Dog Needs Puzzle Toys?

Much like us, dogs need a mix of activities to keep them engaged and fulfilled. These stimulating and rewarding activities will entertain your pup's mind, tap into their natural instincts, and provide an outlet for their innate behaviors.

Unleash 2 play modes in 1 toy

Twice the Excitement, Twice the Engagement

The smart rolling drum not only rolls freely, exciting your pup's chase reflex but can also anchor to a durable bamboo base, turning into a treat-dispensing puzzle. 

dog food puzzle toy easy install
dog food puzzle toy prevents tipping
More steady, more durable

Patented "H" Structure

Prevent frustrating tumbles with our interactive puzzle feeder. Featuring a rugged, H-shaped base and sturdy bamboo construction, this toy stays upright even during vigorous play.

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How should I clean my bamboo-made dog toy?

Washing bamboo dog toys is really easy - just use some warm water and a little bit of mild soap or a pet-friendly cleaner. Don't use anything too harsh that might damage the bamboo. Give the toys a good scrub with a damp cloth or sponge to get them nice and clean, then rinse them off really well to get all the soap out.

It's important to let the toys air dry completely before giving them back to your pup. Don't put them in the dishwasher or let them sit soaked in water - that can make the bamboo warp and get weaker over time.

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10 reviews for Rolling Bottle Dog Treat Toy

  1. Pinky LaRue

    This is one of my new, toys of engagement for Miss Maybe, my 11 year old Pekingnese! We walk 4 times a day for at least 30 minutes… but I’ve noticed her getting bored. We play with her stuffed toys, play tuggy and fetch but her mind is idle. She has quite a personality, sense of humor… so I started with this puzzle to give her something new to do! She loves this! I’m delighted that I started with this particular puzzle. It has different levels of skill. She is adept at using her paws but surprisingly uses her little flat snout to work her magic as well! It helps that she is food motivated but I feel so good about this purchase . It makes Miss Maybe even happier now as I found a great solution to her boredom ,on Loobanipet ! Thanks Loobanipet !

  2. P

    I was really excited to get this for my dog but he learned quickly in less than 2-3 minutes. It’s good to keep my puppy entertained and he seemed to like it. Just a little too easy for him so I’ll have to get something more complex for him to try

  3. Kari L Hicks

    My dog was getting too smart for the puzzles we have at home, so wanted to try this one. Took him a minute, but he did figrue it out. Very good quality. Recommended!

  4. Ladipyg6243

    I have 8 dogs that have all been rescues from difficult situations. Not one of them knew about toys, chew bones, grass or playing. Slowly, I have introduced them to different toys and this one is one of their favorites. The only dog that has a problem is my smallest dog, a chihuahua, but she only weighs 2.5 lbs, so while interested, she just doesn’t have the muscle to move the roller. Not to be outdone, she stands between the front legs of a larger dog and darts in to steal a treat when they get it uncovered. It is a joy to watch and they don’t mind her taking a few pieces! The others all enjoy taking turns playing with it and getting treats!

  5. Kris

    Very fun and mentally stimulating. It is so fascinating to watch your dog trying to figure out the puzzles to receive the rewards. It is a pain to clean though! So many nooks and crannies but so worth it. I also used this with my cats who loved it as well. Such a fun and stimulating activity to enjoy with your fur babies

  6. Kerry Schooler

    Great product, until she figured out she can get her treats out an easier way. It does keep her busy for like 2 minutes.

  7. Jennifer

    My dog has anxiety so we buy toys that are puzzles to keep her busy while she’s alone. She loves this toy! She gets so excited when she hears the cylinder snap into the base. Easy to clean and durable. Took a few days for her to figure it out but definitely good for enrichment.

  8. Sydney Herren

    This is a great enrichment activity for my 4 month old puppy; however, he did figure it out pretty quickly. He can finish it within 5 minutes.

  9. Teresa Reagan

    My little CoJack loves working to find her treats in this puzzle but it’s very easy and quick. Great starter puzzle.

  10. Georgianna

    She had fun figuring it out. It is now too easy so I’ve purchased another toy.This was great as an introduction. Because it showed her what to do. The next one will be more complicated.

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