Our Love for What We Do Speaks Volumes

Dogs First, Always

We see dogs as family and proudly back U.S. groups ensuring every dog receives proper enrichment.

Rooted in Responsibility

We select fast-growing bamboo to create stylish, eco-friendly toys for planet sustainability.

self made dog puzzle toys

What Inspired the Loobani?

Loobani, a brand that celebrates the love and happiness that dogs bring into our lives, was inspired by a furry kid named Harry.

Harry isn't just any dog; he's a member of my family. I adopted him from a shelter after he had been returned several times due to his youthful exuberance and boundless energy. But where others saw a challenge, I saw potential.

Harry's zest for life was contagious, and I began crafting DIY enrichment toys to channel his energy and keep him mentally engaged. His absolute favorite was a bottle spin toy I made in our yard. Drilling holes into plastic bottles, threading a rope through them, and filling them with treats created a simple yet ingenious toy that Harry loved.


Loobani's Mission in Canine Entertainment

But it wasn't just Harry's reaction that touched me – it was the joy this toy brought to his friends too. Watching them play with this creation filled me with a sense of warmth and love that words can't quite capture. That's when I knew I had to share this joy with others.

But harry's favorite toy, a self-made bottle spin toy, was just the beginning. Since our inception in 2014 in the USA, Loobani has been committed to creating a diverse array of toys meticulously crafted to deliver ample entertainment for canines of all ages.

dog and man scaled
girl plays with dogs

Every Small Business Can Be A Force For Good

We think of pets as family, and every pup deserves a loving home. So, we team up with animal rescue groups all over the United States, especially in areas where many animals are abandoned or neglected.

Introducing our "Every Dog Matters" initiative, we strive to bring happiness to dogs while increasing awareness about rescued canines. As a part of this endeavor, we have committed to donating Loobani dog toys to 1000 rescue centers throughout the United States. We firmly believe that our toys can provide much joy and enrichment to these rescued dogs.