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Who is Loobani?

Great question! We're a crew of puzzle-loving pet enthusiasts working out of an office filled with dogs trying to get their paws on our prototype toys. We're all about making quality puzzle feeders that engage your pup's body and mind. Our mission is simple - provide entertainment for dogs and pet parents that enhances time spent together using smartly designed toys.

We think dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes should enjoy stimulating games that tap into their foraging instincts. We believe healthy play shouldn't be complicated for pet owners to provide. And we're convinced that keeping your dog's mind and body active leads to a deeper human-animal bond.

That's what Loobani dog puzzles are all about!

Where are your products made?

Right now, we make our product in China. But we pick our partners really carefully - only ones who get quality, treat workers right, pay fairly, and don't trash the environment. Lots of companies just wanna crank stuff out cheap and fast. Not us. We take the time to find factories that really care about making great products the responsible way.

Sure, we could probably save some bucks if we didn't care where it's made or how. But that ain't our style. We know our customers wanna feel good about buying from us, and so do we. So even though it can take some looking, we find partners in China committed to the same values we have.

That way, we know everything that goes out the door is well-made and ethical. Made in China doesn't have to mean made cheap or wrong - not when you take the time to do it right.

What does your warranty cover?

We have meticulously designed a collection of dog toys to be sturdy and long-lasting. However, we understand that wear and tear are inevitable, especially with pets around. If any components become damaged within the first month of purchase, we're here to replace them at no extra cost.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss our warranty in detail. Please note that we cannot accommodate returns or exchanges for items that are dirty or have been damaged by dogs.

Nevertheless, if you receive an incorrect item or if it breaks, we're more than willing to exchange it or provide a refund, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How do you help animals in shelters and rescues?

For every order we get, we donate some much-needed toys to animal shelters throughout the US. Gotta make sure those rescue pups have enough fun stuff to play with while waiting for their forever homes!

So when you buy from us, you're not just getting something great for your pup; you're also helping out dogs in need. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. We couldn't do it without your support, so thanks for helping us lend a paw to shelters across America! Together, we can make life a little brighter for dogs of all kinds - now that's something to wag about!

What is your brand's mission?

Our mission is to enrich dogs' lives through stimulating puzzle toys while protecting the environment. We use sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo to craft durable feeders that provide dogs with mental and physical engagement. Bamboo is a renewable resource that allows us to create quality, long-lasting products with less environmental impact.

Our puzzles tap into dogs' natural foraging instincts and prevent boredom through play. Adjustable difficulty levels provide continued mental stimulation as dogs learn and progress. We aim to strengthen the human-dog bond by making enriching play easy for pet owners.

Our brand believes in enriching dogs' lives in a sustainable way. By using renewable, biodegradable bamboo and creating lasting toys, we can provide engaging puzzles while minimizing our environmental pawprint. Our durable, eco-friendly feeders represent a commitment to quality time with pets and protecting the planet.