Introducing our durable, eco-friendly toy crafted with 95% bamboo material. Not only is it built to last, and resistant to tearing, but it also offers versatile entertainment that reduces separation anxiety and keeps dogs engaged. Give your furry friend a long-lasting, environmentally-conscious toy they’ll love and enjoy for hours!

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Why Your Dog Needs Puzzle Toys?

Much like us, dogs need stimulation and exercise to live fulfilling lives.

Provide Physical & Mental Exercise

Reduces Anxiety & Separation Issues

Mimics Natural Foraging Behavior

Release Theri Pent-Up Energy

Loobani Toys Makes Dog Life Better

Absolutely Study

Made of Natural Bamboo

4 Difficulty Levels

More Levels, More Fun

Long Lasting

20 - 40 minutes/use

Save Your Money

Say goodbye to flimsy toys

How It Compares

The Loobani vs. other dog distractions




Made of Natural Bamboo



More Levels, More Fun



Absolutely Study & Durable



No Shards Or Choking



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Are enrichment feeders good for dogs?

Yes, puzzle and enrichment feeders provide mental stimulation that is highly beneficial for dogs. Working for food taps into natural foraging instincts and keeps them actively engaged. This offers physical activity along with mental enrichment to reduce boredom and anxiety. Varying puzzle games keep dogs interested and challenged.

Do puzzle games tire dogs out?

Yes, mental stimulation from puzzles does tire dogs out. While not as physically intense as running, the mental work triggers chemical releases that relax and calm dogs. Using their brains to problem solve is exhausting in a different way than physical play. Puzzle play before bedtime can help hyperactive or anxious dogs burn mental energy to sleep better.

How do you teach a dog to use interactive toys?

When training a new interactive toy for the first time, don't forget to make it very easy for your pup. Set it to the most accessible level if the toy includes different levels. In addition, use some delicious treats to help the new toy draw your dog's attention and reward your furry kid well for the first few times they play with it.

Are the Loobani dog toys safe for all ages, from puppies to seniors?

Absolutely! All our toys are designed to be safe and suitable for dogs of all ages. However, it is important to supervise playtime and promptly remove any broken or disassembled pieces to prevent choking hazards. For puppies, we recommend introducing toys at around 5 weeks old. Regardless of their age, it's crucial to monitor play to ensure their safety and prevent any potential injuries.

Why opt for bamboo as the primary material for Loobani dog puzzle feeders?

Eco-friendly Material: Bamboo stands out as a highly renewable and sustainable natural resource. Its swift growth requires minimal reliance on fertilizers or pesticides, allowing for an ethically sourced material with a smaller environmental footprint.

Robust Build: The hard and dense bamboo structure is durable, ensuring the feeder can withstand daily use. Compared to traditional plastic toys, our bamboo feeders offer superior chew resistance, holding up well even against power chewers.

Biodegradable - Despite its toughness, bamboo is a natural material that will gradually biodegrade over time once discarded. This characteristic renders it a more eco-conscious choice compared to traditional plastic feeders.

Visually Appealing - Bamboo exudes a warm, natural aesthetic that effortlessly blends with home décor. Its smooth grain finish enhances its appeal and is something our customers greatly appreciate.

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