Bamboo Dog Treat Ball Dispenser


15 Min Mental Workout = 30 Min Energy Burn!

🐾 Tire Out Excess Energy

🎉 Engage, Entertain, Enrich


This level 1 interactive treat ball is a great way to entertain and engage your pup. The adjustable difficulty levels allow you to start them off at an accessible level, so even novice dogs can get the hang of it. As they roll the ball around, treats are randomly dispensed to reward their play. It’s the perfect choice for energetic pups who love chasing and nudging toys, providing mental stimulation and physical activity.

Key Features:

  • Dispenses treats one by one when rolled
  • Beginner-friendly, but 2 difficulty levels available
  • An eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic dog toys

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ball dispenser for dogs
Made with pet-safe bamboo material

Safe and Durable

This 100% biodegradable bamboo treat ball is an eco-friendly choice that's safe, durable and sustainable. The chemical-free design withstands energetic play while remaining sturdy against chewing. 

When retired, it breaks down naturally unlike traditional plastic toys. An earth-friendly toy with no compromise on amusement or durability for dogs.

Comes with a round bamboo divider

Adjustable Difficulty Levels

Comes with a round bamboo divider
Once your dog has fully mastered the art of getting treats, make the toy more difficult to play with by adding bamboo pieces that separate the treats.

Dog Treat Puzzle Ball for Small Dogs
treat dispensing dog ball
Fun for hours

Keep Your Dogs Busy and Entertained

The unpredictable treat release from this ball keeps your dog stimulated for hours. As they roll it, treats fall out randomly to reward playtime. 

This mentally engaging activity prevents boredom and destructive behavior by providing an outlet for your dog's energy.

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What size treats can fit through the openings?

The opening of the ball is about a half-inch wide. Most standard-sized kibble and small to medium dog treats should fit through the openings with no problem. Very large treats or whole treats may get stuck. It's best to break larger treats into pieces.

Is this toy loud when my dog rolls it around?

There can be some noise, especially on hard floors, as the bamboo ball and treats tumble around inside. Using it on a carpeted area will help minimize noise.

How do I clean and disinfect the treat ball?

The ball disassembles easily so you can wash all the components with warm, soapy water. Then grab a clean, dry towel to thoroughly dry all the parts of the ball before reassembling and refilling with treats.

What's the best way to introduce this puzzle to my dog?

First, let your dog watch and sniff as you load the ball with treats to pique their interest. Then, gently roll it to dispense some rewards so they make the connection between rolling the ball and getting treats. Once interested, let your pup take over, moving the ball themselves.


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