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Best Dog Toys for Labs- How to Mentally Stimulate a Dog

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Labrador retrievers are one of the most favoured dog breeds and for a good reason. They are friendly, energetic, intelligent, and make wonderful family pets. However, their high energy levels mean they require plenty of exercise and stimulation. An understimulated Lab can become boring and destructive very quickly.

Providing your Lab with interactive toys is a great tool to keep them mentally and physically engaged. But with so many options out there, how do you know which are the best dog toys for Labs? Don’t worry; we did the research for you!

In this post, we’ll cover the top dog toys that are specially designed for Labrador retrievers. These toys will keep your Lab entertained for hours and satisfy their stimulation needs.

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Let’s dive in.

#1 Loobani Bamboo Spinning Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

This interactive dog puzzle toy offers two ways to play. In the first mode, as your Lab nudges and rolls the bamboo container on the floor, treats will slowly dispense from inside. This provides continuous mental stimulation and reward.


The second mode involves placing the container on a sturdy bamboo stand. Your dog will need to roll and spin the bottle to make treats fall out. Adjustable silicone plugs allow you to control the level of difficulty.


We love this toy because:

  • The 11+ cup capacity means it can hold an entire meal. Mealtime becomes playtime!
  • The heavy-duty, non-tip base keeps your energetic Lab focused on the game, not knocking it over.
  • It engages your dog’s natural foraging instincts.
  • The adjustable difficulty keeps your Lab challenged as they master each level.

#2. Loobani Bamboo Treat Puzzle Toys

This unique bamboo ” slot machine” toy will thoroughly occupy your intelligent Lab. It features three plastic bottles set in a durable bamboo stand. Each bottle must be flipped upside down 180 degrees for treats to fall out.

In the beginning, fill bottles to the top with kibble and high-value treats. Allow your Lab to explore and learn the toy’s mechanism. Once they’ve mastered flipping the bottles, put the lids back on to increase the challenge.


We love this toy because:

  • The 8+ cup capacity means it can be used to feed entire meals.
  • Flipping the bottles in the stand prevents tipping and sliding.
  • The adjustable difficulty keeps your Lab mentally stimulated.
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial.

#3. 100% Bamboo Dog Puzzle Toys

If your Lab has breezed through basic puzzle toys, it’s time to level up! This 100% bamboo puzzle toy provides an advanced mental challenge perfect for experienced puzzle solvers.

Your dog must slide the panels to reveal the 8 hidden compartments containing treats. It’s multi-step, requiring planning and problem-solving from your smart pup. They’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment with each chamber unlocked.


We love this toy because:

  • The sliding bamboo panels are sturdy enough for determined chewers.
  • It promotes slower, mindful eating as your Lab works for treats.
  • The complexity strengthens your dog’s cognitive abilities.
  • It’s engaging interactive playtime, not just a food bowl.

#4. MultiPuzzle Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

This intricate 4-level puzzle toy will keep even expert puzzle-solving Labs occupied for hours. Beyond the 3 spinning bottles, there are hidden chambers and compartments throughout the base. Your dog will have to slide, flip, and manoeuvre the pieces to uncover all the buried treasures.

This advanced puzzle is perfect for Labs who have breezed through beginner puzzles and need a challenge. Finding the hidden rewards provides physical and mental enrichment.


We love this toy because:

  • The complexity provides an intense mental workout.
  • It stimulates your Lab’sLab’s natural scavenging instincts.
  • The adjustable sliding pieces allow you to increase the difficulty.
  • Your Lab will feel a sense of accomplishment solving each step.

#5 Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are a simple yet effective interactive feeding toy for Labs. These textured mats hide kibble and treats within the creases and folds. Your Lab must snuffle through with their nose to forage their whole meal.

This mimics your dog’s natural hunting behaviour and engages their mental and physical abilities. Make snuffle mat feeding time extra fun by scattering kibble across the floor first, then placing the snuffle mat on top.

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We love snuffle mats because:

  • They appeal to your Lab’s natural scavenging instincts.
  • They provide mental stimulation and slow down fast eaters.
  • A snuffle mat can turn feeding time into 30+ minutes of engagement.
  • You can adjust the difficulty by how deeply you hide the kibble.
  • They are very affordable compared to other interactive dog toys.
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#6 Antlers and Chews

Labs love to chew! Providing safe, durable chews is essential for both your Lab’s enjoyment and your furniture’s survival.

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Antlers are a top choice because they last forever and contain nutrient-rich marrow. Split elk antlers are softer and easier for moderate chewers. Whole elk antlers offer a longer challenge.

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For extra variety, treat your Lab to bully sticks, frozen Kongs stuffed with food, or long-lasting Himalayan chews. Rotate chews to keep things exciting!

We love antlers and chews because:

  • They satisfy your Lab’s instinct to chew and play.
  • Powerful jaws need an extra durable challenge like antlers.
  • The scent and flavour hold your Lab’sLab’s interest.
  • They provide another outlet for energy and stress.
  • Chewing promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Keep Your Lab Engaged with Interactive Toys

One of the keys to owning a Lab is providing plenty of exercise, playtime, and mental stimulation. Without it, these high-energy dogs become bored and destructive.

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The interactive dog toys we covered engage both your Lab’s body and mind. Puzzle toys make them work for their food, satisfying their natural scavenging instincts. Chews and retrieval toys give an outlet for their enthusiasm and need to play.

Rotate toys frequently to keep things exciting. Try incorporating interactive feeding toys like snuffle mats into their daily routine. Your Lab will be thrilled with any toy that challenges their mind and provides a reward! A stimulating, exercised Labrador is a happy, well-behaved Labrador.


About Zelda D.Nelson

As a lifelong dog lover and proud mom to two energetic rescue pups, I know firsthand how important puzzle toys are for providing dogs with much-needed mental and physical stimulation. After over a decade of experience raising well-adjusted, happy dogs, I joined the Loobani Pet team to help other pet parents discover the joy and benefits of dog puzzles. Through my work at Loobani Pet, I've become an expert on the ins and outs of various interactive dog toys. My goal is to simplify the selection process so you can easily pinpoint the perfect puzzles to match your pup's needs and lifestyle. Whether you need a toy to challenge your brainy breed, keep your power chewer occupied, or simply provide some rainy day fun, I've got you covered.