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Best Dog Toys for High-energy Huskies

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High energy. Playful. Mischievous. Smart. These words describe the Siberian Husky breed perfectly. As owners know, Huskies need lots of physical activities and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. But with their strong jaws and love of chewing, not just any toy will do.

After testing dozens of toys with our pack of playful Huskies, we discovered the 9 best interactive dog toys that can withstand their chewing, tugging and general rough play. Keep reading to explore our pups’ top toy picks!

#1 Treat Dispenser Toys for Dogs

Treat dispensing toys are a fun way to turn mealtime into playtime for your Husky. As your pup rolls and nudges the toy, treats are released slowly from the inside. This satisfies their natural foraging instincts while keeping them engaged.


This adjustable puzzle toy has two play modes to keep your Husky entertained. In the first mode, place kibble inside the container and encourage your pup to roll and tip it to release the treats. For more of a challenge, put the container in the stand. Your dog will have to precisely roll the toy to line up the holes and access the tasty morsels inside.


You have the option to make the game easier or more challenging by using the silicone plugs provided to block certain holes. This puzzle toy is designed to evolve with your dog’s abilities, ensuring that it continues to provide amusement. Moreover, it has a spacious capacity of 11 cups, making it suitable for holding a complete meal!

Key Features:

  • Two play modes in one toy
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Holds over 11 cups of food
  • Heavy-duty, tip-proof base

#2 Spinning Bottle Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

The 3-spin-bottle bamboo treats dispenser provides next-level mental stimulation for smart Husky pups. This unique toy is shaped like a slot machine, with three durable plastic bottles vertically set into a sturdy bamboo stand.

To play, you first fill each bottle with your Husky’s kibble or favourite treats. The three bottles together can hold over 8 cups of food total, enough for a whole meal!

At first, leave the lids off the bottles so your Husky can learn how the toy works. They’ll need to figure out that by flipping each bottle upside down 180 degrees, the treats inside will fall out through the opening.

Once your clever Husky has mastered the flipping mechanism, replace the lids. Now, they’ll need to concentrate and problem-solve to get their paws and noses under the bottles and apply enough leverage to flip them over. This makes the toy more challenging.


The heavy bamboo base provide stability, so your rambunctious Husky can flip and play vigorously without the toy sliding all over or tipping over. No more chasing a runaway toy!

We love this interactive bamboo treat dispenser because:

  • The sturdy base prevents tipping during enthusiastic play. This lets your Husky focus on the mental challenge.
  • Flipping the bottles to release treats provides an advanced-level puzzle game that will intrigue intelligent Huskies.
  • The large 8-cup capacity means you can use it for complete meals. Mealtime becomes stimulating playtime!

#3 Loobani Double-Layer Hide and Seek Toy

If your Husky enjoys treat dispensing toys, then you can do no better than this innovative double-layer puzzle board. 

What sets this toy apart is its impressive design, boasting 9 hidden compartments for treats spread out over two distinct layers. This feature is sure to provide endless entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog.


We love this double-layer toy because:

  • The sheer number of compartments increases the challenge.
  • It’s perfect for curious Huskies who master standard puzzles quickly.
  • Durable bamboo withstands those sharp teeth.
  • Finding the treats provides a sense of accomplishment.

#4 MultiPuzzle Interactive Dog Treat Toy

If your Husky breezes through novice puzzle toys, the MultiPuzzle will give their brain a workout! This advanced 4-level puzzle toy features sliding panels and compartments where you can hide treats.

Huskies will have to use both their problem-solving abilities and their keen sense of smell. In addition to the three rotating bottles on the surface, there are concealed compartments beneath to discover. 


For an added twist, try filling just a few of the secret spots with treats. Although some took more time than others, most of our Husky testers could solve the puzzle eventually.

We love this toy because:

  • The complexity provides intense mental enrichment.
  • It satisfies your Husky’s foraging and scavenging instincts.
  • The adjustable, sliding pieces allow you to increase difficulty.
  • It gives a rewarding mental challenge.

#5 Lick Mats

Lick mats satisfy your Husky’s natural licking instinct while keeping them calmly occupied. These textured silicone mats can be spread with peanut butter, spray cheese, or canned or frozen food.

As the tasty treats thaw, your Husky will lick and nuzzle the mat clean. This can keep them happily occupied for 30-60 minutes. It’s ideal for anxious Huskies who need to destress.

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We love lick mats because:

  • They provide mental engagement by satisfying the urge to lick.
  • Spreading the treats out extends eating time.
  • They are affordable and easy to use.
  • Frozen lick mats can relieve teething pain for puppies.

#6 Chew Toys

Huskies love to chew, but their powerful jaws require ultra-durable chew toys. Antlers, in particular elk antlers, are a top choice. They contain nutrient-rich marrow and last forever.

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For extra variety, treat your Husky to bully sticks, Himalayan chews, or frozen stuffed Kongs. Rotate chews to keep your power chewer interested and entertained.

We love tough chews for Huskies because:

  • Chewing satisfies their urge to gnaw and provides stress relief.
  • Powerful jaws need an extra durable, long-lasting challenge.
  • Chewing promotes healthy teeth and gums.
  • The scent and flavour hold your Husky’s interest.
  • They provide a positive outlet for chewing instincts.

#7 Tug-of-War Toys

Huskies were born to pull! A vigorous game of tug-of-war allows them to put their strength to work. But it would help if you had a toy tough enough to withstand those sharp teeth.

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Tug toys made of durable rubber with reinforced stitching are ideal—brands like West Paw design toys specifically for power chewers. Play tug safely by having rules and letting your Husky “win” sometimes.

We love tug toys because:

  • They satisfy your Husky’s instincts to pull and hold.
  • Interactive play strengthens your bond with your Husky.
  • Since they “kill” the prey, it provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • They are a positive outlet for natural chewing urges.

#8 Rope Toys

Simple rope toys remain a classic favourite for a good reason. They are inexpensive, come in varying sizes, and can be used for multiple games like fetch, keep away, and tug.

When selecting rope toys, opt for ones made with sturdy materials, such as climbing rope. Keep an eye on playtime, especially if your pup is an enthusiastic chewer that may unravel the ropes.

We love ropes for Huskies because:

  • They are extremely versatile for different games.
  • The texture cleans teeth and massages gums.
  • Ropes encourage interactive play between pet and owner.
  • They are easy to wash and reuse.
  • They are affordable compared to other dog toys.
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#9 Water Toys

Does your Husky love the water? A floating water toy can make trips to the lake even more fun. Opt for a vibrant and buoyant toy that is easily visible for your Husky to chase and retrieve while swimming.

For safety, choose water toys made of soft rubber or canvas, as hard plastic ones may pose risks of injury if your Husky encounters them during their swim. It’s important to supervise playtime to prevent accidental swallowing of water.

We love water toys because:

  • Retrieving toys activates your Husky’s prey drive.
  • They provide physical and mental stimulation.
  • Interactive play strengthens the bond with your pet.
  • Water toys encourage swimming and exercise.

Final Words

The most interactive Husky toy depends on your individual dog’s personality and play style preferences. While every Husky loves to be active, play types may vary.

Try out a variety of puzzles, chews, toy materials, and games. Take note of which toys make your Husky’s eyes light up. Providing the right stimulation is key to a happy, well-behaved Husky.

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Some dogs may prefer plush toys, while others shredded them instantly. Don’t be afraid to test toys labelled “tough” to find ones durable enough for power chewers. With persistence, you can discover the perfect toys to keep your spirited Husky entertained.


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