3-Bottle Dog Puzzle Toy


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15 Min Mental Workout = 30 Min Energy Burn!

🐾 Tire Out Excess Energy

🎉 Engage, Entertain, Enrich


This clever toy dispenses treats through a bottle, requiring your dog to solve problems and work hard to get to the treat. Mental stimulation aids early brain development and keeps them mentally sharp into old age. It also slows down rapid eating and promotes proper chewing and digestion.

Main features:

✨ 2 sizes available

✨ 3 adjustable height settings

✨ Large capacity 8+ cups of dog food

✨ Heavy duty tipless base design

✨ Toy rack made of 100% durable bamboo

✨ 3 bottles made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic approved for food use

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55,000+ Dogs Love The Loobani
and yours will too!

The Importance of Dog Enrichment

reduces anxiety and stress

Stimulates Senses

release pent up energy

Helps Ease Stress & Anxiety

long lasting

Encourage Mental Stimulation

Untitled design

Engages Their Instincts

Build Different

does not tip over


H heavy-duty base prevents tipping.

three height options


Fits small to large dogs.

various holes


Fits different dog foods and treats

easy to clean


Soap & water or dishwasher.

How Loobani Toy Will Transform Your Dog

Do You Know?

15 minutes of mental stimulation
= 30 minutes of physical exercise


Dog owners said that the Treat Dispenser keep pups entertained and mentally stimulated.


Confirm the slow feeder helps prevent gulping and overeating, promoting better digestion.


Loobani Puzzle toys help dogs burn off their boundless energy.

Why Choose Loobani Treat Dispenser



Large capacity (over 8 cups)

Limited food capacity

3 adjustable height settings

No height adjustment

Super-strong,100% bamboo stand

Flimsy, easily destroyed

One-piece design, wihout choking hazard

May have small, removable parts

Available in 2 sizes; fits small to large dogs

Relatively small, better for small breeds

Loobani In The News!

Owners Approved, Dogs Tested


Are 3 bottles safe to put in the toy dishwasher?

Absolutely! We advise placing 3 bottles on the top rack of your dishwasher. If you prefer, handwashing will also do the job just fine!

How do I clean my Loobani bamboo toy stand?

Washing bamboo dog toys is really easy - Simply use warm water and a gentle soap or a pet-safe cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals that could harm the bamboo. Give the toys a thorough scrub with a damp cloth or sponge, then rinse them well to remove any soap residue.

It's crucial to let the toys air dry completely before returning them to your furry friend. Avoid dishwashers and prolonged soaking, as this can cause the bamboo to warp and weaken over time.

What's your warranty?

We understand that wear and tear can occur, especially when dogs are involved. So, if any components of our products are damaged within one month of purchase, we are pleased to offer complimentary replacements. Please email us at [email protected] to discuss the details of our warranty.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for dirty or dog-damaged items. However, if the product arrives damaged or defective, we will pleased to exchange it for you or provide a refund on a case-by-case basis.

How long will delivery take?

After you place your order, give us 2 business days to get it ready and ship it out from our warehouse. Once our shipping partner picks it up, Standard Shipping usually gets it to you in about 3 to 10 days. If you're in a hurry and pick Expedited Shipping, you're looking at 3 to 5 days.

So, if you go with Standard, expect your package in roughly 5 to 12 business days. Choose Expedited, and you'll have it in your hands in about 5 to 7 days.

30 reviews for 3-Bottle Dog Puzzle Toy

  1. Jennifer

    So easy to assemble the instructions were great! I now have was very, very entertained pupper

  2. logicalfinance

    So at first, my dogs were confused about how this works. Now that they understand how to play with it, the treats inside the containers don’t stand a chance. They love this thing and it keeps them busy for a few minutes.

  3. Heidi Pilling

    My dog does not like to eat from a bowl and I got tired of putting food on the floor. She enjoys playing with this and learned tricks such as how to stop it when it is upside down. It’s great enrichment!

  4. Nancy

    My dog figured out how to spin the bottle and stop it with his nose in order to get max food droppage! We bought the snuffle mat as well, and it all works together perfectly. Great puzzle toy!

  5. Terri Cardwell

     My big coonhound loves this! It only took her 30 seconds to figure out her “slot machine” lol! She’s super smart and the little one is her assistant in doing the kibble sweep. Only problem is it’s not built for massive swipes like my coonie gives it so I have to retro fit it somehow as she’s managed through overuse I guess to strip the screws that hold the bar that holds the tubes. The screws never really seated tightly fyi and with her power, they didn’t stand a chance. Still, it’s super entertaining to watch your dog’s brain work so hard to figure this out and it’s a wonderful reward after work to watch them play with something that really requires mental agility. Highly recommend.

  6. Mia

    When it is rainy and windy outside (today’s wind 45 km/h 🌪️🥲) Quingy plays @loobanipet puzzles. It perfectly develops thinking and keeps him from getting bored at home 😌 Our recommendations!

  7. Angela

     My 10 week old puppy loves it! Only took him 5 minutes to learn. The only reason I gave a 4 star instead of 5 star, is because I don’t like how treats get stuck under the center piece of wood, he has to move the entire thing to get them. Keeps him occupied for a good 10 minutes!

  8. TaurigalTaurigal

     Purchased this Spinning Bottle toy for our corgi Corky for her birthday, and it was such a hit that we came back and bought a second one for her brother, Auggie. This is their favorite toy! It is well made, sturdy and durable, and I love that you can customize it by varying the height placement of the bottles. This can be handy for changing the difficulty level as the dogs become too familiar with the toy. The base is well designed and the toy does not tip, even with Corky’s aggressive style of play. The toy was very quick and easy to assemble, with clear instructions and even rubber no-skid pads for the bottom of the feet. The bottles are easy to clean and fill, and swing freely and securely on the frame. This is a very well made toy. My only critical comments might be that it would be nice to be able to change the bottle height and remove the bottles for cleaning without having to find a screwdriver each time; and, perhaps Loobani could provide a “training” bottle for those unfamiliar with the toy. When we first set up the toy, neither dog could figure out how to get the treats from the bottles without trying to unscrew the tops (and marring the plastic in the process.) You definitely want to supervise the play until everyone knows you don’t eat the plastic. To help, we made a trainer from an old clear soda bottle by cutting two holes in the sides and stringing it on the rod. Once the dogs could see the treats clearly, and watch the process as the treats came out of the bottle, we were off and running. We then placed the trainer on the rod next to one of the regular bottles for a while, and then later with two bottles, until they figured out the process. Now they play well with the three provided bottles and no longer need the trainer, although that opens up the possibility of trying out different shape bottles and things in the future for added fun. I love open ended toys! So how will your pet play with it? Will they spin it as fast they can until everything flies out all over the place (like Corky), or will they balance the bottle upside down on their nose and shake it/nudge it until everything drops out (like Auggie)?

  9. Oskar

    My husky cattle dog loves this things and never gets bored of it although she figured it out. It definitely took 3-5 tries until she realized what to do, and now she loves it. The only thing i could say is that when the treats dont come out after a few good spins she gets frustrated and starts chewing on the caps of bottles. The plastic is not super sturdy and her teeth leave marks on caps and sometimes plastic pieces coming from the caps become sharp.I really wish this came with different caps that have different holes for bigger kibble.

  10. Jamie Kitanof

    WOW! The first time we used it the dogs were not interested at all so I decided to return it. I waited too long to bring the toy to UPS so i had to keep it, and i’m so glad! My dog was sooo into the second time i set it up & now he is obsessed with it! It took a little patience with him before he understood how to use it, but now he’s a pro!Tip: I took the food container off of the stick & set up and let him push it around the floor. Then I put it on the stick and it was easier for him to understand what to do.

  11. susanspring

    she still loves this product. Still challenges her.This is a really great product. It forces her to use use her paws to spin it and sometimes her nose. My dog did get the hang of it but depending on what you put into it forces her to do different things to get it out. She has attempted to bite it but it is very sturdy and at this point she hasn’t gotten the tops off and they are still in good shape. The holes in the top are large enough to allow her to smell the food in it and also food compartments are sort of see through so she can see something is still there. Only one warning don’t put too much in the food compartments because the food will be all over the floor. It is worth it because it definitely challengers and she is engaged with it. Would recommend to buy for dogs – like aussie puppies- that like to be stimulated and you need aomw alone time.

  12. Jacque Thompson

    It was fun for him but it’s a lot of money to spend for a puzzle that he looses interest in. I have to use only certain treats in it because the others fall out too easy and some get stuck. His favorite get stuck.

  13. Rachel H.

    This is a great puzzle toy for dogs, helps if you show them how to use it. Others had their dog chew the lids off, which ours tried to do. The first time we gave it to him, we removed the lids and showed him how to spin the cylinders. Once he figured that out, we put the lids back on. He really enjoys playing with this. Only negative is the screws loosen pretty easily and it’s very difficult to clean without taking it apart.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Works great. It is something you have to show your dog how to use. Assembly is horrible. You will need a screw driver and a metal clamp. Screw everything in. Then, when you get to the rod, use the clamp to hold the rod firm while you screw it together on both sides, otherwise it is impossible to assemble because the rod keeps rotating (ps: this is when the bottles are on the rod, not a lot of room to hold the rod still while these are on, ie use the clamp to hold the rod while assembling.).

  15. Janessa

    My pomsky puppy figured it out In 10 minutes . Don’t put it close to furniture or you will notice dog food under it fast . It flings food at least 2 feet depending how strong your dog spins the bottle.

  16. logicalfinance

    So at first, my dogs were confused about how this works. Now that they understand how to play with it, the treats inside the containers don’t stand a chance. They love this thing and it keeps them busy for a few minutes.

  17. T.K.

    Keeps my puppy busy and is well made.

  18. Steven Wills

    It’s not as if this hasn’t happened before. I believe my brilliant and food-motivated dogs would love a challenging puzzle toy with food as the reward. I buy the toy, and the dogs love it –only because I have to sit there showing them how the thing works, doing all the work myself. With this LOOBANI Dog Puzzle, my dogs try to get the kibble by chewing the lids off of the containers that hold the kibble. Even after I show them that there’s an easier and better way, they still prefer to focus on the lids (and by focus, I mean chew). The toy is awesome, well-made, clean cuts, cleverly designed and easy to assemble. But I am beginning to wonder whether I need to blame myself more, and my dogs less, that I keep buying toys way outside of their aptitude. Perhaps it needs to come with an instructional video for the dogs to view first.

  19. Stephanie Behan

    The first day one of my 64# mutts couldn’t get it. He kept coming to me to spin the bottles for the treats. I moved his paw to spin them several times in a few different sessions, but mostly frustrated me! The next morning, he got it! It was so funny to watch him spin those things! Everytime it comes back at him and bumps him in the head (gently) it is hysterical. He absolutely loves it! It will keep him busy for hours. I used Milk Bone Trail mix and it worked really well. He works so hard for the treats, he is huffing like he went on a walk. The other mutt is a little shy, and hasn’t tried it yet as it is being monopolized, but she is smarter and will enjoy it too! It will give the humans here hours of entertainment as well!

  20. Rachel H.

    This is a great puzzle toy for dogs, helps if you show them how to use it. Others had their dog chew the lids off, which ours tried to do. The first time we gave it to him, we removed the lids and showed him how to spin the cylinders. Once he figured that out, we put the lids back on. He really enjoys playing with this. Only negative is the screws loosen pretty easily and it’s very difficult to clean without taking it apart.

  21. Douglas M.

    Initially for the first couple days our dog wouldn’t touch it. We started with the tops open with treats in them and attempted to show her how it worked. Gradually she picked it up on her own without any trouble and we placed the tops back on for her. Great product!

  22. Kate

    At first, my dog thought that he could bully/bite the treats out of the Loobani. But, after some modifications, practice, and patience, my dog LOVES (gently) working the Loobani treat puzzle.If your dog isn’t getting the hang of the toy right away, you might consider making the following adjustments until they figure it out:1. I noticed that treats don’t always come out when the tops of the jars are screwed on, and I wanted my dog to associate flipping the containers with the reward, so I started by taking the lids off.2. If your dog is still having trouble, consider filling up the receptacles almost to the top. Even the smallest tilt will reward their behavior.3. My dog was still trying to force the treats out, so I physically took his foot and made him flip the containers (my dog is a brute, so this didn’t bother him…although it might not work with more skittish dogs). Once treats came out, I gave him lots of verbal praise and he was excited about the treats.Now he’s standing in the kitchen, flipping the Loobani like a pro. I’m so glad I purchased this item!

  23. dsjones

    Our herding dogs LOVE these! Must be supervised as they get rambunctious and could possibly break it, the joy they are getting out of playing with it is fun to watch. We have one that spills and others that enjoy the fruit of his labor.

  24. TLH

    The Best Interactive Puzzle dog toy was a hit with all 3 of my dogs. They are all different breeds, sizes and ages. It was neat to see how each one figured out the puzzle to find the treats. My dogs range from 7-13 years old and are between 17lbs and 27lbs. My older Beagle who usually prefers to get beauty rest was so excited to play the puzzle… once she figured out there were treats in it. Now that all three dogs figured out the puzzle, they finish it around 5 minutes or less. But it works their minds and they have a great time!

  25. MamahulaMamahula

    ETA: I bought this in March 2022- and our girl Lucy STILL “asks” for it Every. Single. Day. She sits next to it, paws and barks at it until we fill it. We put her meals in it at least once a day. It is in almost the same great condition as when it first arrived. This was such a good purchase for us. It took Lucy (a border collie/cattle dog mix) about 3 minutes to figure out how to use it, and now she “requests” it daily. She literally sits in front of the counter looking and whining at it. $40 is a little more than I wanted to spend, but Lucy likes it so much I guess I can justify it. We put her dinner in it (Hills Science Diet- small bits) . It was simple to put together, has adjustable height options for setup, and it seems to be sturdy enough to handle her use. I spend (blow) plenty of $$ on regretful purchases, but this is not one of them. I hope you find this review helpful. I am not one for gratuitous reviews, and if I had any complaints, you would surely read it here. It’s a keeper!!

  26. LeMan

    My dog is in love so I made a second purchase as a gift for a friend

  27. Kindle Customer

    Our shih tzus really love it. We use it to feed and give treats.

  28. Ginger L Greer

    The instructions were clear to assemble the product. I liked that I could choose the height where I wanted to install the bottles. My dog loves toys that he has to manipulate in some way to give him treats or food (we have several different types). If this is the first treat dispensing toy you are getting for your dog, it may take a bit of time for them to figure it out, and maybe a little bit of coaching and redirection from you. Discourage them from biting the lids or it will not last very long; the containers and lids are not thick and heavy duty. But the whole point of toys like this is to stimulate your dog’s mind and give them a problem to solve, not just to bite the lid off to get a reward! It didn’t take him too long to figure it out. But as the level of the food goes down it gets more difficult for them to get out those last few pieces

  29. Bonny


  30. Bonny


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