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Best Toys for Boxer Dogs to Keep them Engaged and Occupied

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Is your boxer full of energy and needs stimulating play every day? Do you struggle with training or behavior issues stemming from boredom or lack of confidence? Interactive dog puzzle toys can be the perfect solution to keep your boxer’s mind and body active, happy, and out of trouble. 

As a bully breed, boxers have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Without proper outlets, that liveliness can quickly turn destructive! Interactive puzzle toys give boxers a fun challenge that satisfies their natural instincts to hunt, chew, and problem-solve. The mental stimulation keeps them occupied for long stretches and can boost their confidence, too.

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So, what are the best puzzles and interactive toys to challenge and entertain your clever boxer? Here are our top recommendations, from beginner level to advanced.

Let’s dive in!

House-Shape Dog Puzzle Toys

For young boxers or those new to puzzle toys, start with something fairly simple like the Loobani House-Shape Interactive Dog Game. It has large compartments you can hide treats in. Your pup has to figure out how to pull the compartments out to get the goodies. The smell of the treats is highly motivating! 

This puppy chew toy is made from 100% durable bamboo, so it can stand up to even the enthusiastic puppy chewing. It’s a fantastic introduction to the concept of working for food. Other benefits include:

– Keeping young pups active 

– Promoting slow eating for better digestion

– Teaching the basics of how interactive puzzles work


Rolling Drum Treat Dispenser

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this puzzle – it’s a real crowd-pleaser! The concept is easy: your boxer just needs to roll the hollow plastic drum around to make treats spill out. But that’s exactly what makes it so irresistible.

The drum is designed to release just a few pieces of food at a time through an adjustable opening. This entices your pup to keep at it until they’ve retrieved every last morsel. You can make the hole smaller or bigger to control the level of difficulty and how long the game lasts.

Want to up the ante on this fun game? Place the drum in the included bamboo holder. Now, your dog has to knock the toy out of the stand before they can roll it around. 


No matter how you use it, the Loobani Rolling Drum is sure to keep your boxer engaged and content.

This nifty puzzle is ideal for:

– An energy-burning activity

– Introduction to problem solving  

– Adjustable difficulty levels

Pro Tip: Always supervise your pup when they’re using this or any plastic puzzle toy. Some persistent chewers may be tempted to nibble on the drum in their efforts to extract the food. If your dog is prone to munching non-edible items, it’s best to opt for a bamboo toy that’s completely free of plastic.

Turn Around Interactive Dog Toy

Once your dog masters the basics, step things up with more complex toys that require extra patience and skill. The Loobani “slot machine” style toy really tests your boxer’s abilities! Unlike almost any other traditional dog puzzle, this toy pushes your boxer dog’s smarts and patience to the max.

Perfect for dogs that can’t resist treats and have sharp minds, this puzzle is a hit. It comes with three unique “test tubes” you can pack with snacks or dog food. To get the treats, your dog will have to figure out how to tip the rotating compartments upside down and wait for their reward to tumble out.


This puzzle is a real test of patience, as your dog has to manage to keep everything balanced while the treats rattle around inside, making it a challenging but fun task. It takes a steady paw and keen concentration to manipulate the tubes into the correct position.

As your dog gets more practiced, they’ll gain confidence in their ability to conquer this challenging toy. The Loobani “slot machine” puzzle is fantastic for:

  • Pushing your dog’s problem-solving skills to new heights
  • Teaching impulse control and calm persistence
  • Tapping into your pup’s natural curiosity and determination


Multi-Level Dog Puzzle Toys

For a multi-faceted test, try a combination toy like the Loobani Multi-Level Dog Puzzle Toys. In addition to the tubes, it features sliding and spinning compartments with hidden treats. Your clever canine has to try different techniques to get all the goodies out. Even just one extra element can really get them thinking!

This type of puzzle is ideal for:

– Quick learners ready for the next level

– Practicing a variety of problem-solving tactics 

– Keeping your boxer engaged for longer

Hide-n-Slide Brain Dog Toys Without Plastic

Super smart boxers may blaze through basic puzzles and be hungry for more. That’s when you bring out the big guns, like the Loobani Hide-n-Slide toy. This advanced bamboo puzzle has 8 treat compartments hidden under 4 sliding panels. 


Your brainiac boxer will have to figure out the sliding action to access the treats. You can make it even trickier by placing strips of fabric under the panels first. Uncovering those is sure to tap into your dog’s natural foraging instincts! The perks of this high-level toy include:

– A rewarding challenge for gifted dogs

– Extended playtime with varying difficulty

– Satisfying seeking and scavenging needs

Triple Layer Dog Puzzle Board

Another top pick for smarty-paws is the Triple Layer Dog Puzzle Board. It looks similar to basic sliding puzzles but has a devious twist. Instead of just sliding panels, your dog must rotate two layers in unison to reveal treats in the bottom compartment. 


It takes real intellect and finesse to suss out the pattern. But boxers are more than up for the task! This brain teaser is terrific for:

– Exercising those mental muscles

– Maintaining previously learned skills

– Providing long-lasting entertainment 

Choosing the Right Level for Your Boxer

With so many neat puzzle options, you might feel unsure where to begin. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think to select the best toy for your unique pup. Just follow these steps:

1. Consider Your Dog’s Play Style and Interests. 

Some boxers go nuts for chasing and pouncing, while others prefer to use their sniffer or gnaw on stuff. Pay attention to what gets your pooch excited and engaged. 

If they love the thrill of the chase, a rolling dispenser could be their jam. Determined chewers may enjoy a sturdy puzzle they can really sink their teeth into. When the toy matches their natural inclinations, they’ll be much more motivated to play with it.

2. Evaluate Your Boxer’s Smarts and Skill Level. 

Like people, dogs have different learning speeds and strengths. Puppies and certain breeds may catch on quicker than others, and training background makes a difference, too.

Watch how your dog handles a simple challenge at first. Do they solve it swiftly without much trouble? Then, they might be ready for an intermediate-level toy.

If they struggle or get bored fast, stick with beginner puzzles a bit longer. Let them build confidence and understanding before raising the bar. When they conquer mid-level games with ease, then you’ve probably got a smarty-pants on your hands! Time to whip out those advanced puzzles.

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3. Be Prepared to Teach Your Dog the Ropes.

Puzzle toys are meant to be a fun challenge, but some are trickier than others. Your dog may need a demo to get the hang of a new toy. Show them how it works before letting them take a crack at it.

For toys with compartments, leave them open in the beginning so your curious canine can see how to access the goods inside. If the puzzle has moving pieces, guide them through the motions. It helps to have them watch you manipulate the toy.

As your dog starts to catch on, dish out plenty of praise and encouragement. Cheer them on for investigating the right spots or making progress. Positive reinforcement keeps them motivated if they run into stumbling blocks.

4. Go at Your Pup’s Pace and Avoid Rushing or Pushing Them. 

Let them muddle through on their own as much as possible. The mental exercise is what tires them out and gives them a sense of pride. If you make it too easy or hard, they may give up or get overly frustrated.

As a general rule, introduce puzzle toys in phases. Build on basic concepts and gradually work up to tougher challenges. Making massive leaps in difficulty can lead to confusion and discourage your dog from wanting to play at all.

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5. Tire Out Your Dog’s Mind and Body

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes! Puzzle toys can definitely wear your rambunctious boxer out. These brain teasers get their mental gears turning and often involve some physical activity too. A pooped pup is a happy pup.

Of course, puzzles aren’t the only way to keep your dog occupied. A well-rounded playtime routine should include a mix of physical and mental activities. For times when your boxer is especially restless or you’re too busy for a long play session, try these suggestions:

– Long-lasting soft or edible chews like bully sticks or cow ears

– Rubber chew toys with spots for treats or peanut butter

– A frozen Kong stuffed with goodies

– Good old-fashioned tug or fetch games

– A snuffle mat sprinkled with kibble they have to sniff out

It can take some trial and error to find the toys and games that light your dog’s fire. Fortunately, boxers tend to be pretty easy to please! They’ll likely be thrilled with any new toy and your participation.

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More Ways to Stimulate Your Boxer’s Noodle

Puzzles are a fantastic tool in your dog parenting toolbox. But there are loads of other ways to engage your boxer’s body and brain on the daily. In addition to other types of enrichment toys, consider the following:

1. Let them Sniff and Explore on Walks. 

Boxers aren’t generally big on endurance exercise. They prefer to go hard in short bursts. While out and about, give your dog time to stop and smell the roses…and the fire hydrants, and the deer poop.  

Those nasal investigations send a ton of info to their brain to process. It’s surprisingly exhausting! Plus, being allowed to analyze their environment boosts confidence. Just keep them on a leash so they don’t get into trouble.

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2. Make Mealtime an Adventure. 

Serving food in a regular bowl is so boring! Take advantage of your dog’s natural scavenging instincts by making them work for it. 

Scatter kibble in the snuffle mat or freeze it into a toy they have to lick and chew to extract. Even just dividing food into multiple bowls or a muffin tin makes things interesting. The hunt tires them out and fulfills their inner wolf.

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3. Train Their Brain with Tricks. 

Boxers excel at learning cool tricks – and they love showing off! Aim to teach your dog something new each week, whether it’s basic obedience or crowd-pleasers like shake or play dead. 

Clicker training with lots of positive reinforcement is a super effective technique. Your brainy boxer will relish the chance to earn rewards for being clever, and soon, you’ll have a whole repertoire of party tricks.

4. Get Out and Have Fun!

Ultimately, the key to keeping your boxer stimulated is to experiment. Try out different types of puzzles and activities to see what tickles their fancy. When you find the magic formula, stick with it!

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Final Words

Remember, boredom is the enemy when it comes to this rambunctious breed. A busy boxer is a well-behaved boxer. With a little creativity and an arsenal of engaging toys, you can keep your pup’s brain and body in tip-top shape for years to come.

Ready to start your puzzle toy adventures? Head over to the Loobani Pet Shop to browse our collection of interactive games and chews. As Aussie pet parents ourselves, we only stock top-quality products designed to keep dogs happy, healthy, and out of mischief. Let the games begin!


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