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Best Golden Retrievers Toys in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Golden Retrievers are one of America’s favorite dog breeds, and it’s easy to see why. With their warm and friendly nature, abundant energy, sharp intelligence, and a strong desire to please, they easily capture hearts.

As a retriever breed, they love to play fetch and carry toys around, which makes choosing the right dog toys an important decision. With so many choices on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best toys for your Golden.

To help you out, we surveyed over 100 Golden Retriever owners on their favorite toy recommendations. Based on their input, here is our expert roundup of the best dog toys for Golden Retrievers in 2024.

#1. Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

Interactive treat puzzle toys are great for providing mental stimulation to keep your Golden’s brain engaged. Goldens are working dogs that thrive when given a job to do. Puzzle toys allow them to put their problem-solving skills to work.

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Spin-N-Snack Treat Puzzle Toys 

You can keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated with the Spin N’ Eat Dog Puzzle Feeder, which holds up to 10 cups of food. It’s a fantastic way to make mealtime interactive and fun, challenging your dog’s problem-solving skills.

Here’s how you use it: simply fill the feeder’s barrel with your dog’s usual food or some special treats. This barrel, designed with small holes, will release food as your Golden Retriever nudges and paws at it, making it spin around. This action causes kibble or treats to fall out randomly, encouraging your dog to continue playing for more rewards. It’s especially challenging and stimulating for intelligent breeds like Golden Retrievers, keeping them mentally engaged.


What’s more, the feeder is equipped with silicone stoppers in the barrel, allowing you to adjust the difficulty level. For beginners, you can remove the stopper so food easily falls out with minimal effort. As your dog gets the hang of it, you can insert the stoppers to make the game more challenging, keeping them entertained and engaged for longer.

Key Features:

 ● Beginner-level difficulty is great for puppies or less experienced dogs

 ● Adjustable difficulty levels to increase the challenge as your dog learns

 ● Provides important mental stimulation to fight boredom

 ● Generous 10-cup capacity

 ● Made from durable bamboo material

Spinning Bottles Treat Dispenser

This bamboo interactive toy is perfect for your Golden Retriever’s playtime. It features three plastic bottles, each filled with treats. Your challenge is to get your Golden to strategically flip and roll the bottles to release the goodies inside. The unpredictable way the treats fall out makes for a challenging brain game, stimulating your dog’s natural foraging instincts. They’ll need to figure out the best way to maneuver each bottle to keep those tasty treats coming.

These bottles are made from thick, chew-resistant plastic, durable enough to withstand daily play.


You have the option to adjust the lids to control the treat dispensation. For beginners, removing the lid altogether makes it easier for your pup to access the treats. If your dog is a puzzle toy expert, you can tape some of the holes in the lid, adding an extra layer of challenge.

For added fun and sensory stimulation, consider filling each of the three bottles with different types of treats or kibble. This variation not only increases the intrigue but also keeps your Golden Retriever engaged and excited about their playtime.

Key Features:

 ● Ideal for high-energy Goldens who need a lot of stimulation

 ● Holds a large quantity of kibble or treats to keep dogs engaged for longer

 ● Encourages natural foraging behaviors

 ● Helps occupy destructive chewers

 ● Fun rolling and flipping action


Double-Layer Spin Treat Maze

For your advanced Golden who loves a good brain teaser, consider the Double-Layer Spin Treat Maze. This toy becomes even more engaging when it releases kibble or treats as your dog masters the art of rotating the top panel.

What sets this toy apart is its double-layer design, offering an abundance of compartments perfect for concealing treats and kibble. With a grand total of 9 hidden treat compartments across both layers, your pup is in for hours of entertainment.


To up the ante on work-to-eat puzzles like the Twirl-n-Treat, here’s an ingenious trick: cut out pieces of fleece, stuff them with treats, fold them up, and tuck them under the puzzle toys. As your pup spins the puzzle, they’ll encounter these fleece pieces, but the treats won’t be immediately accessible. They’ll need to tear, unravel, or dismantle the fleece to get to the goodies inside. This not only taps into their natural hunting instincts but also adds an additional layer of challenge before they can claim their rewards.

Key Features:

 ● Great brain teaser for smart Goldens who enjoy a good challenge

 ● Works well for food-motivated dogs

 ● Provides both mental and physical exercise

 ● Made with eco-friendly bamboo material

 ● Promotes problem-solving skills

#2. Tennis Ball

It’s no secret that retrievers love tennis balls, so it should be no surprise these are a top choice. Make sure to get extra durable balls made for dogs.

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Tennis balls are perfect for engaging in games of fetch and strengthening the bond through play. Their round shape is perfect for dogs to easily carry in their mouths. Plus, the vibrant colors make them highly visible, so it’s easy to spot in the grass.

Just be sure your Golden doesn’t try to tear apart and ingest the felt material, which can be harmful if swallowed.

#3. Chew Toys

If you’ve got a Golden Retriever, you know they love to chew – sometimes a little too much! Whether it’s your curtains, clothes, or even those prized running shoes, nothing seems off-limits. But don’t worry, your Golden isn’t trying to make a mess on purpose. They’re just looking for a way to satisfy their strong urge to chew.

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Here’s where chew toys come in handy. They’re not just for keeping your Golden busy. For puppies, these toys are a real game-changer, helping soothe the discomfort of growing new teeth. To keep things interesting for your furry friend, it’s a great idea to have a variety of chew toys. Rotate them regularly to keep your Golden engaged and, most importantly, away from chewing on things they shouldn’t.

#4. Fetch Toy

For your Golden Retriever, fetch isn’t just another game; it’s a deeply ingrained, enjoyable way to expend energy. Thanks to their hunting lineage, Goldens are naturally adept at fetch. This inherent desire to chase and retrieve makes it a perfect activity for them.

Fetch doesn’t just offer a great physical workout; it also engages their innate abilities. A sturdy and captivating fetch toy is an essential for your Golden’s playtime. It not only offers loads of fun but also honors their ancestral hunting talents.

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#5. Rope Toy

Rope toys are a must-have in your Golden Retriever’s toy collection, and our top picks for 2024 feature a colorful blend of blue, yellow, and purple. Made from 100% cotton, these ropes are gentle on your dog’s gums, making them perfect for extended playtimes.

Available in two styles, one with three knots and another with seven, these rope toys are designed for durability and a satisfying chew experience. The knotted design not only adds to their longevity but also makes it easier for both you and your dog to maintain a solid grip. Ideal for a lively game of tug-of-war, these rope toys are sure to be a hit with your enthusiastic Golden!

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#5. Dog Lick Mats

Lick mats provide a practical tool for curbing boredom while promoting better eating habits. These non-slip mats have textured surfaces that you can spread peanut butter, wet food, or other tasty treats on for your dog to lick up.

For speedy eaters like Golden Retrievers, lick mats slow down gulping by turning mealtime into a challenge. Licking up every morsel also keeps your dog engaged for longer. These mats are especially helpful for anxious dogs, providing a calming activity.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Toys for Your Golden Retriever?

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Safety First

A dog’s safety should always come first. Inspect toys for potential choking hazards or toxic materials. Avoid toys with small, removable parts, as well as strings or cords that can cause strangulation.


Goldens are known for being tough chewers, so their toys need to be able to withstand some serious chewing action. Look for toys made of hard rubber or thick rope. Avoid toys stuffed with beans, beads, or other fillings that dogs can easily tear apart and swallow.

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Size Matters

Consider the size of your Golden Retriever when selecting toys, as it is crucial. Avoid toys that are too small, as they pose a choking hazard if swallowed. Similarly, oversized toys may be challenging for your dog to handle and play with comfortably. Take into account your dog’s chewing habits when choosing a properly sized toy that will provide lasting enjoyment.

Types of Play

Try to select a variety of toys that allow for different types of interactive play. Puzzle toys provide mental stimulation, while balls and flying discs get them running and jumping. Chew toys satisfy the need to gnaw and carry. Having a diverse “toy box” prevents boredom.

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Individual Preferences

While certain toys tend to be Golden favorites, each dog has their own unique preferences. Pay attention to the kinds of toys and activities your Retriever is attracted to. Provide more of what they naturally gravitate towards.


How often should I replace my Golden Retriever’s toys?

It’s important to regularly check over your Golden Retriever’s toys for any signs of damage or wear and tear and replace them as needed. The frequency at which you need to replace the toys depends on how aggressively your dog chews and how often they play with them.

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As a general rule of thumb, regularly go through all your dog’s toys and inspect for loose parts, torn seams, or holes from excessive chewing. If you notice the toy can’t stand up to your Golden’s chompers anymore, or if small bits are tearing off, it’s time to replace it with a new, sturdier one.

For average chewers, most quality toys should last for at least a few weeks. But for some hardcore chewer Goldens, you may need to swap toys in and out more frequently. Keep a variety of different textured and shaped toys on hand to make it easier to cycle out old with new. This will keep your Retriever interested and their toys safer for longer-lasting play.

Final Words

We hope these Golden Retriever toy recommendations give you fresh ideas for keeping your pup mentally and physically active. Be sure to monitor playtime and choose durable, appropriately sized toys suited to your dog’s needs. With the right toys, you can enjoy many hours of stimulating and safe interactive play with your beloved Golden.


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