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How to Stop Border Collie from Barking

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Border Collies are famous for their intelligence, energy, and, sometimes, their incessant barking. You’re not alone if you find your furry friend’s vocalizations too much to handle. In this blog post, I’ll share some practical tips to effectively manage and minimize excessive barking in Border Collies, ensuring a peaceful coexistence with your beloved pet.

Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Root Cause of Barking

Before delving into solutions, it is imperative to comprehend that excessive barking in dogs, particularly in Border Collies, often stems from a root cause. Trying to suppress the barking without addressing the underlying reason can be akin to putting a band-aid on a deeper issue. The two primary causes of excessive barking are:

Lack of Mental and Physical Stimulation: Border Collies are high-energy working dogs with a strong drive. A common cause of their excessive barking is the buildup of frustration from insufficient physical and mental outlets. 

Learned Behavior: Sometimes, excessive barking is a learned response, where the dog realizes that barking leads to specific outcomes, like attention or getting what they want.


My journey with Max, my intelligent Border Collie, presents an insightful example of how a seemingly instinctual behavior can evolve into a learned and self-reinforcing habit. Take the postman’s daily visit as an example:

Each day, as the postman approached our door, Max positioned himself like a sentinel behind the door. The moment he heard the footsteps, his barking would commence. In his mind, he was performing his duty, a guardian alerting the intruder – the postman – to keep away. “This is my territory,” he seemed to bark with each vocalization.

From Max’s perspective, this routine had a straightforward logic. He barked, and soon after, the postman would complete his task and leave. In Max’s eyes, this was a victory – his barking had successfully driven the ‘intruder’ away.

running dog

He did not understand the postman’s real purpose or that his departure was simply a part of his daily job, not a reaction to Max’s barking. The reinforcement of this behavior became evident over time. As the postman repeated his rounds, Max repeated his barking each day—the consistent outcome – the postman leaving – reinforced Max’s belief in the effectiveness of his barking.

In the next section, we will explore how to solve the problem of excess energy in Border Collies and correct some of the wrong learned behaviors.

Step 1: Increasing Exercise and Mental Stimulation

The first and most straightforward strategy is to significantly increase the amount of exercise and mental stimulation your Border Collie receives. This approach can address the pent-up energy and boredom that often leads to excessive barking. Here are some tips:

1. Morning Routine: Consider waking up an hour earlier to engage in rigorous exercise with your dog. Participating in a brisk walk, jog, or game of fetch can significantly assist in releasing your Border Collie’s accumulated energy, leading to a more relaxed and calm demeanor throughout the day.

dog morning routine

2. Mental Challenges: Incorporate training sessions that challenge your dog mentally. Agility training, puzzle toys, and advanced obedience exercises are great options.

Max’s favorite form of mental exercise is agility training, particularly the weave pole course. He shows remarkable enthusiasm and skill in weaving through the poles, displaying his agility and focus. We make it a point to schedule these agility training sessions twice weekly. This frequency keeps him engaged and excited for each session.

agility training 1

In addition to agility training, puzzle toys play a significant role in Max’s mental stimulation routine. His absolute favorite is Loobani’s Slot-Machine Interactive Toy. He flips bottles repeatedly to get his favorite snacks, which fascinates him. Max dedicates 20 to 40 minutes to this puzzle almost daily. 


Step 2: Restructuring the Owner-Dog Relationship

When your dog’s barking doesn’t stop despite you providing enough exercise and mental stimulation, you need to rebuild your relationship with your dog. As a dog owner with a high-energy breed like a Border Collie, you have to establish yourself as a calm, confident leader.

Strong leadership helps establish firm yet gentle communication with your Border Collie and rebuild a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. This relationship restructuring is vital for effectively communicating what behaviors are desirable and which aren’t. For example, your dog is not allowed to jump on people, or they must wait patiently before food is served, not enter certain rooms, stay away from furniture, etc.

Step 3: Transforming Dog’s Misbehavior into Positive Actions

Once you’ve established a strong foundation of exercise and leadership, the next step is to address the barking behavior directly:

Use a firm, calm verbal correction when your dog barks excessively. A sharp “No” or a similar command can signal unacceptable behavior. Remember, the goal is not to scare or harm your dog but to communicate your disapproval.

border collie dog training with owner

After correcting, immediately redirect your dog to a desirable behavior, such as a sit-stay command. It’s crucial to reinforce the behavior you want to encourage. Praise, treats, and affection are great ways to support calm, quiet behavior.

border collie

Consistency is Key

Consistency in applying these strategies is critical. Border Collies are intelligent and will quickly learn what behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t if the message is consistent. Remember, addressing excessive barking is not just about suppressing a noisy nuisance; it’s about understanding and meeting your dog’s needs and communicating effectively.

Dealing with a barking Border Collie can be challenging, but with patience, understanding, and consistent application of the right strategies, you can significantly reduce unwanted barking.

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Remember, provide enough physical and mental stimulation, establish yourself as a calm and assertive leader, and consistently correct, redirect, and reinforce the behaviors you want to see. By doing so, you’ll not only address the barking issue but also strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

Final Words

Every dog is unique. What works for one might not work for another, so be prepared to adapt these strategies to suit your situation. With time, effort, and patience, you and your Border Collie can enjoy a harmonious and happy life together.


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