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Activity Maze Game for Dogs

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15 Min Mental Workout = 30 Min Energy Burn!

🐾 Tire Out Excess Energy

🎉 Engage, Entertain, Enrich

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15-Minute Mental Workout = 30-Minute Physical Exercise

Bring the classic fun of maze puzzles to your pup's playtime with this engaging and mentally stimulating wooden board. Inspired by the ever-popular maze games for kids, this durable wood design has been reimagined as the ultimate enrichment activity for food-motivated dogs.

Main Features
  • 16 treat compartments hidden within the maze design
  • 4 maze paths to solve, including 3 straight lines and 1 angled path
  • Crafted from laser-cut wood with smooth, safe edges
  • Eco-friendly wooden construction, zero plastic
How to Play?
  • Load-Up Treats: Fill some of the 16 hidden treat compartments inside the maze with your pup's favorite kibble or treats.
  • Show & Tell: Slide a block open to reveal a treat and pique your dog's curiosity. This will get them excited to play!
  • Slide & Seek Fun: Encourage your furry friend to use their paws and nose to move the sliding blocks and uncover those delicious hidden treats!
  • Praise and Reward: Don't forget to celebrate every successful "slide & seek" mission with enthusiastic praise!
  • Extra Enrichment: For an added challenge, don't fill every treat compartment. Or, hide the removed maze sliders around the room and encourage your dog to use their incredible senses to sniff them out.
  • Treat Time Tips: For safety, use only dry treats that fit easily into the compartments. Remember, these treats are part of the fun! Adjust your dog's daily food intake accordingly to keep them at a healthy weight.
Clean and Care

Made with your pup's safety in mind, this Loobani puzzle feeder uses certified wood and a pet-safe, water-based varnish. To keep playtime fun and the puzzle looking its best, here's how to keep it clean:

  • Easy-Clean Design: The removable wooden bar uses a handy magnet for easy detachment, giving you full access to all 16 treat compartments.
  • Gentle Touch: Ditch the harsh scrubbers – they can scratch the wood. Instead, simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any crumbs or debris. A quick rinse under running water works too! Remember, soaking is a no-no for the wooden pieces, as it can damage them over time.
  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, be sure to completely dry all the pieces with a towel before putting the puzzle feeder back together.
  • Sun Safety: To prevent warping or cracking, avoid leaving the toy in direct sunlight for extended periods.
Product Use Advisory

The toy is designed exclusively for pet use and mental enrichment. For the safety of your furry friend, please supervise your dog during play with this interactive feeder. Loobani Pet cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury resulting from misuse or unsupervised play with this or any other pet product.

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Sapping your dog's excess energy

Brain Games & Exercise in One!

This engaging puzzle feeder combines brain games with exercise for the ultimate enrichment.

It features four distinct maze paths built right into the design - three straightforward linear paths plus one tricky angled route to really put your pup's problem-solving skills to the test.

Just 15 minutes of sliding the maze pieces, sniffing out the hidden treats, and figuring out how to navigate the paths provides the same mentally fatiguing workout as a 30-minute physical activity session. It's the perfect two-for-one solution!

Simple disassembly and assembly

Effortless Cleaning: No Tools Needed!

Skip the toolbox frustration – cleaning your Loobani puzzle feeder is a breeze! Thanks to the classic mortise and tenon structure, simply detach the wooden bar with the built-in magnet (no tools needed!). 

This opens up all 16 treat compartments for easy cleaning. Plus, the smooth wood and open design make wiping away crumbs and kibble a snap. No hidden corners for dirt to hide, just a clean puzzle feeder and a happy pup (and a happy you!).

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More durable, more environmentally friendly

Eco-Conscious, Renewable Wood Design

This puzzle feeder allows eco-friendly enrichment with its renewable wood construction sourced locally. Unlike plastic, the all-natural wood is biodegradable and far more sustainable throughout its full lifecycle.

It requires less energy and water and generates lower emissions to produce. The durable yet safe wood design has smooth edges ideal for energetic play without sharp hazards.

You can feel good reducing plastic waste with this green, responsibly-made toy choice.

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