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5 Best Dog Toys for Dachshunds

As seasoned aficionados of these spirited and intelligent dogs, we understand that finding the perfect toy is no small feat. Dachshunds are notorious for their love of play and their talent for toy demolition. That’s why we’ve meticulously selected toys that not only captivate and challenge your Dachshund but also endure their enthusiastic play. 

From fun slow feeder bowls to mentally stimulating puzzles, our list is tailored to satisfy the unique needs and playful nature of your beloved Dachshund.

Let’s dive in.

Puzzle Toys That Slow Down Eating

One characteristic that often surprises new Dachshund owners is their lack of self-control. Whether it’s playing, barking, or eating, these adorable dogs rarely seem to know when to stop. It’s not uncommon to hear Dachshund owners say their pet seems perpetually hungry, often eating their food too quickly. This habit not only raises concerns about weight gain and indigestion but also the more serious risk of gastric torsion, commonly known as dog bloat.

three dachshunds

To combat this, a dog puzzle toy can be an excellent tool. Not only does it slow down your Dachshund’s eating pace, but it also turns a quick snack into a longer, more fulfilling activity. These toys are a great way to keep your Dachshund both entertained and healthy, making mealtimes and treats more of an engaging challenge.

1. Slow Feeder Bowl

With one of these specially designed bowls, your Dachshund’s dinner time will take 10 times longer. The bowl’s built-in maze acts as a physical obstacle, forcing your dog to cleverly maneuver through it to reach their food. This design cleverly slows down their eating pace, turning mealtime into a fun and engaging activity.

dog food bowl maze

Dog “Slot Machine” Toys

Raised Ceramic Dog Slow Feeder

Even well-trained dogs retain natural foraging instincts; this bowl caters to that. The slow feeder bowl features ridges and various mazes to slow down eating, keeping your dog engaged longer during mealtime.

This not only enhances digestion but also helps prevent issues like bloating and indigestion, making mealtime both fun and healthy for your pet.

Simple yet engaging, this bowl introduces a basic level of puzzle-solving suitable for all dogs, eliminating any potential frustration. 

2. Dual-Function Rotating Puzzle Feeder

This innovative bamboo puzzle feeder for dogs offers two engaging play modes. In the first mode, your dog nudges the feeder across the floor, releasing small amounts of food. This not only entertains your pet but also promotes active feeding.

The second mode involves placing the feeder in a bamboo stand. Your dog then rolls it around within the stand to dispense food. To vary the challenge, the toy includes silicone plugs to control the food release by partially blocking the dispenser hole.

treat dispensing dog toys

2-in-1 Canine Spinning Puzzle Toy

2-in-1 Canine Spinning Puzzle Toy

AgePuppy; Adults; Senior
SizeSmall; Medium; Large Dogs
Difficulty LevelLevel 1

Key Features:

  • Versatile Play: Offers two distinct ways to engage your dog.
  • Substantial Capacity: Can hold over 11 cups of food, perfect for extended playtime.
  • Height Customization: Features 3 adjustable height settings to suit various dog sizes.
  • Stable and Safe: The design includes a robust, non-tip base for worry-free play.

3. Treat-Dispensing Puzzle Toy

This engaging treat-dispensing puzzle toy includes three cylindrical containers that your Dachshund needs to rotate completely to uncover the hidden treats. This toy is an excellent brain teaser, even for dogs new to puzzle challenges. To make the introduction smoother, here are a couple of tips:

Initially, load the toy generously with a mix of enticing, high-value treats and their regular kibble. This strategy helps your Dachshund get accustomed to the toy and understand how it works.

For the second step, take off the caps of the containers. Encourage your Dachshund to nudge and flip the containers. This action will reveal how the toy functions. After your dog gets the hang of flipping the containers, you can reattach the caps, which will add an extra layer of challenge as they seek the treats.

treat dispenser toys for dogs

Dog “Slot Machine” Toys

Dog “Slot Machine” Toys

AgePuppy; Adult; Senior
SizeSmall; Medium; Large; Giant Dogs
Difficulty LevelLevel 2

This puzzle toy can help slow down mealtime and reduce stress — not to mention, it’s tons of fun for pups.

Sean Zucker- The Wildest

Key Features:

  • Spacious Capacity: Holds over 8 cups of dog food.
  • Stable and Durable: Features a sturdy, non-tipping base design.
  • Eco-Friendly Frame: The toy’s rack is crafted from 100% sustainable bamboo.
  • Safe Materials: Includes three containers made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, safe for food storage.

4. Dual Dog Puzzle Entertainment Toys

This innovative puzzle toy is uniquely designed for two dogs to play simultaneously, a novel concept in pet toys. It features separate puzzle sections for each dog, allowing them to engage in the fun together without any need for taking turns or competing.

This toy is a fantastic source of mental stimulation, encouraging both dogs to think and play. It doubles the excitement, combining brain games with physical activity to keep tails wagging in unison.

2 Spin Bottles Dog Puzzle Toys

Multi-Dog Puzzle Playset

Multi-Dog Puzzle Playset

AgePuppy; Adult; Senior
SizeSmall; Medium; Large; Giant Dogs
Difficulty LevelLevel 1

Key Features:

  • Twin Puzzle Design: Two distinct toys integrated into one.
  • Generous Capacity: Each compartment can hold over 11 cups of dog food.
  • Varied Interactive Elements: Equipped with multiple holes and rubber stoppers for added intrigue.
  • Adjustable Height: Can be tailored to suit both small and large breeds.
  • Stability: Equipped with non-slip rubber feet to remain steady during play.

5. Hidden Treat House Puzzle Toy

This Level 1 puzzle is perfect for Dachshunds of any age. Although with their smart nature, they will quickly figure out the secret to earning kibble from this toy, it has been engineered to prevent up to 2 cups of food from being gobbled up too quickly.

This Level 1 puzzle toy is perfect for Dachshunds of any age. Although with their smart nature, they will quickly figure out how to get kibble from this toy, it has been designed to prevent up to 2 cups of food from being gobbled up too quickly.

dog house treat puzzle

Hidden Treat House Puzzle

Hidden Treat House Puzzle

AgePuppy; Adult; Senior
Size Small; Medium; Large; Giant Dogs
Difficulty LevelLevel 1

Key Features:

  • Adorable House-Shaped Structure
  • Constructed from Environmentally-Friendly Recyclable Bamboo
  • Features 6 Separate Sections for Concealing Treats and Kibble
  • A Sustainable Choice Compared to Standard Plastic Dog Toys

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope these toy recommendations give you some new ideas to try out the next time you play with your furry friend!


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