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No More Slipping! Easy Tips to Keep the Dog Lick Mat in Place

dog licking mat in peace

Lick mats have become a popular enrichment tool for dogs, providing mental stimulation and a tasty treat all in one. However, if you’ve ever watched your furry friend enthusiastically licking away, you may have noticed the mat sliding around or even flipping over. It’s frustrating for both you and your dog when playtime is interrupted by a runaway lick mat.


Fear not! We’ve rounded up some clever tips and tricks to keep your dog’s lick mat securely in place so they can enjoy their treat-licking session without any interruptions.

1. Choose a Lick Mat with Staying Power

When shopping for a lick mat, look for features that will help it stay put. Suction cups on the base of the pad are a great option, as they can adhere to smooth, flat surfaces like tile or hardwood floors. The stronger the suction cups, the better the grip. Another feature to consider is the overall weight and material of the mat. Heavier mats or those with a non-slip silicone base can provide additional friction, making it harder for your dog to accidentally (or intentionally) move the mat around.

2. Picking the Right Surface

The surface you choose to place your dog’s lick mat on can make a big difference in how well it stays in place. First and foremost, ensure the surface is clean and completely dry. Any moisture can reduce the effectiveness of suction cups and overall grip. Lick mats with suction cups work best on smooth, non-porous surfaces like tile, laminate flooring, or even the inside of your bathtub. Carpets or rough surfaces may not provide enough grip for the suction cups to do their job.

3. Strategic Placement for Lick Mat Success

If you’ve found the perfect surface, but your dog still manages to scoot the lick mat around, it’s time to get strategic with placement. One option is to place the lick mat in a small, confined space like a playpen or a blocked-off doorway. This limits your dog’s movement and reduces the chance of them pushing the mat around.

Another strategy is to wedge the lick mat into a corner of your kitchen or bathroom. This creates a natural barrier on two sides, making it harder for your dog to dislodge the mat.


4. Treat Spreading and Freezing

How you apply the treat to the lick mat can also impact how well it stays in place. Try spreading the treat over a larger surface area of the mat, rather than concentrating it in one spot. This can make it more difficult for your dog to pick up the mat and move it around.

Another trick is to freeze the lick mat with a spread like mashed banana or yoghurt. Not only does this create a more challenging and time-consuming licking experience for your dog, but it can also help keep the mat in place. The frozen treat will take longer to lick off, potentially reducing your dog’s focus on moving the mat.

greek yoghurt

Final Words

Lick mats are a great way to keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated, but it’s no fun when the mat keeps slipping and sliding around. Luckily, with the simple tricks mentioned above, you can make sure your dog’s lick mat stays put.

It might take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect combination of mat, surface, and placement for your pup, but once you do, it’s all smooth sailing (or should we say, smooth licking?).


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